Create unique experiences, challenge yourself and others with the use of chance and players’ imaginations.

KONJUR cards can be used to draw, create musical and/or visual compositions–anything is possible!

KONJUR is a great tool for ESL, SLL, CASEL/SEL, Trauma Therapy Techniques


Incluye instrucciones en inglés y en español.

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Player chooses any 12 cards that personally appease them by looking at the front designs (Side A). Write any word(s) that come to mind on the back side (Side B) of all cards. Turn the cards over (Side A facing up) and shuffle the cards. Arrange the cards in a pleasant visual composition. Turn the cards over one by one and create a word list by writing the words in order. With the list of words, just write! Create a poem, narrative, or stream of consciousness.
For multi-player, each player chooses 6 cards from their personal pile and six words from the pile in the middle shuffled with other players’ cards. Once everyone is finished with their work, share the final work.
Some of the multiple uses imagined for this game, shared by an elementary school teacher in Chicago:
– For young students who “do not know what to write” or “have no ideas”–Konjur is a wonderful way to inspire them to generate story starters in addition to organizing topics or ideas.
– For students who are visual learners–Konjur allows reluctant writers to use pictures or images to organize their thoughts or generate ideas and using the game as a prewriting activity
– When studying poetry- either using words from a poem and reorganizing them through this process OR centering around a theme and using this process to generate student created poems from their own organization of the images.
– For learning vocabulary–Konjur can aid visually-inclined learners by providing a visual to connect to a concept or word
– As a reading activity–Rather than studying flashcards to practice reading sight words,  students can combine multiple reading modalities through this process by using sight words on the cards and playing the game.
–  and using this process for EL learners at multiple levels of instruction whether teaching English vocabulary or cognates. The game offers a purpose to the practice of studying words.
-As a relaxing activity to generate conversation amongst students and their peers